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A packed Wanborough Village Hall for latest update in Inlands Farm Science Park Application

10th January with John Warr and the SSPG team

  • 15 January 2019
  • Author: John Warr
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A packed Wanborough Village Hall for latest update in Inlands Farm Science Park Application

Over 200 people turned out on 10th January at Wanborough village hall to hear the second update from John Warr, Gary Sumner and Linda Cripps on the hybrid planning application submitted to Swindon Borough Council (SBC) by Wasdell just before Christmas -  trying to sell itself as a ‘Science Park’ on the edge of Wanborough.  The proposal included some 184 documents.  With objections needing to be raised by 31st January, and festivities in between, the SSPG applied for an extension to give everyone more time to read and understand the proposal (new date not available at time of writing). 

We trust that by now you have made your objections either in writing or on-line to SBC, using the wealth of factual information, issues and insights provided on our SSPG web-site?

If you have not been able to submit your objections - please do so as a matter of urgency - we need as many as possible.  The planning application will take several more weeks to be scrutinised by Swindon Planners before recommendations are made to Councillors - it's not too late to respond.  There is a letter template still available on our website to help you form your objections.
Planning fees, archaeological digs, and consultant fees will have cost Wasdell close to £1m. Do not assume this application will be rejected.  Rally everyone around as complacency and relying on others to submit their views, could result in this becoming a reality.
The site sits within an area of Non- Coalescence (NC3), formally a Green belt area, and part of Swindons Local Plan 2026 specifically to protect it as a rural neighbourhood from ribbon development and the spread of urban Swindon.
This proposal is an example of how land promoters actively search out opportunities to exploit the planning system and work against local wishes at the expense of communities and their countryside. 

Wanborough Liddington and the Ridgeway villages are a rural asset to Swindon, with their sporting clubs, pubs, horse riding, walking routes, and country shows enjoyed by many so close to hand - lets make sure that SBC honour responsible stewardship of our countryside to protect against light, traffic and noise pollution, and preserve the tranquillity and character of our green spaces.

Look out for stories which will be featured on our website and in the press, on the impact on our businesses, and way of life for locals and visitors alike.

Help with a donation to our fundraising page (link via website) as this will no doubt be a long and difficult process with the possibility of an appeal by Wasdell to the Secretary of State.  We need to defend our position throughout this difficult journey and our initial target is £10,000. At the time writing we had already raised £2500 - just £5 per household will get us to the amount we need to enlist the additional help of planners/lawyer experts.

Visit our website for the very latest information as it comes to light, and sign up to receive a newsletter to keep you informed, including any community action that can be taken or call;

Patricia Wells (PR for SSPG); Tel; 01793 790054

John Warr; Mail;, Tel; 07956 306940

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