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How to object to the "Science Park"

Object by 27th June 2020

  • 4 June 2020
  • Author: John Warr
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How to object to the "Science Park"

This Is YOUR chance to object to this RENEWED application to build an industrial park. You need to Contact Swindon Borough Council with your objections by 27th June 2020#

When this application was made in 2018, local residents responded magnificently with the largest number of objections to a development application ever received by Swindon Borough Council.
The applicant responded to our previous extensive objections with a renewed application to the Planning Committee. Despite taking a year to comply with its requirements of them, we have been given just until 27th June to respond.

Although the orginal objections made lasy year still stand, it is important we object again to the new application to ensure the applicant cannot claim that a lack of new objections implies the development is braodly accepted.
This counts as a NEW application... so YOU MUST OBJECT TO IT .EVEN IF you objected to the previous one.

  • The Plan still contravenes National & Local Planning Guidelines.
  • It would break a promise to South Swindon Residents.
  • It will not bring more jobs as claimed.
  • In fact it would destroy jobs in the local community

You can register your Objection in 3 ways:
– ONLINE - create your own personalised objection by visiting: and complete the simple form to download your own objection letter and personalise it before you submit to SBC
– EMAIL to quoting ref: S/OUT/18/1943
– LETTER to Swindon Borough Council, Communities and Housing,

EuclidStreet, SN1 2JH.

The guidelines in the rest of this flyer may help you.
Please note:

  • Keep your statement factual: don’t be emotional, it won’t work!
  • Don’t refer to the negative impact on your property value as a reason to object: the Planners will not consider this a valid reason for objection!

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This is to cover commissioning expert testimonies for SSPG’s formal objection.

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