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Key Objections to Inlands Farm Proposal

Views of Proposed Industrial Park

The Proposal

Wasdell Properties (Wasdell Group) are seeking full planning permission for a huge Warehousing and Distrbution facilty with outline for another warehouse and R&D facilities on the rest of the site :

  • Phase 1 (Blue Outline) FULL planning permission for a 33,500sqm unit for ‘light manufacturing’ which is the new home for their pharmaceutical packaging facility.  This is about twice the size of the huge DB Symmetry warehouse going up next to Sainsbury’s on the A420.  Their current site is at Blagrove (Nr Jnc 16 of M4).
  • Phases 2 (Red Outline) is outline planning for further industrial units totalling 48,000sqm which includes another huge warehouse and R&D facilities . The latter – The Science Park – to be delivered ‘subject to demand’.


Wasdell state that they have been speaking with SBC for over two years to find a suitable site to meet their needs.  They have supposedly considered all options (we are yet to see evidence of this) and are using an argument that they must have freehold land and that if a site cannot be found in Swindon they will move from this area, resulting in a loss of 600 jobs.  Wasdell have other sites in Newcastle, Burnley and Dublin.  This is possibly scaremongering on their part.


Wanborough Parish Council strongly oppose the proposal, as does our the Ridgeway Ward Councillor – Gary Sumner,  believing that a suitable site could be found elsewhere in Swindon.  SBC have rejected the initial proposal submitted as part of the SHELAA (Strategic Houseing Economic Land Availability Assessment).

View approaching from AONB


SSPG strongly oppose the Inlands Farm Development

  • The majority of the site is in the area of Non Coalescence designated to maintain the rural Ridgeway villages separation from the town.
  • The SBC Local Plan NC3 has allocated 8,000 homes and 40 h/a of employment land at the New Eastern Villages, so this development is not required.
  • This site would cover a vast area of farmland. This site bridges the gap between Swindon and the Ridgeway villages and if not stopped will bring about the complete urbanisation of South Swindon.
  • The proposed development directly abuts an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) the boundary of which runs along Pack Hill. As a nationally protected area any development as part of the ‘Setting’ has protection (i.e. building right next to it, especailly 50ft high ones is prohibited).
  • The ‘protected route’ for the proposed re-opening of the Wilts and Berks Canal runs directly though the centre of the site. The nw proposed route is impractical and prohibitively costly.
  • This development would be a 24-hour operation with associated light, air and noise pollution. 
  • There would be a substantial increase in traffic around and through local villages and the Swindon suburb of Covingham– articulated lorries, other delivery vehicles, car movements by the (suggested 1200) employees etc.
  • The site impinges upon and undermines the proposed route of the Southern Connector Road –SCR traffic modelling does not allow for this increased level of vehicle movements.
  • The site floods – as local knowledge proves.
  • The Group would need to show a fully costed access strategy for improvements to the A419 (Commonhead) junction, including signalisation and improvements to Junc. 15 M4, due to the increased vehicle movements of logistic vehicles and employees use on a daily basis. There are limited public transport options that would allow employees to get from the town out to the site.
  • The proposal refers to ‘much needed facilities’.  It does not say by whom and for whose benefit
  • The “Science Park” comes at phase 2 and would be only “subject to demand” and "to full planning permission"  therefore the proposal is not a Science Park but an industrial development. 
  • The proposal shows a total disregard for the Local Plan, for the setting of Wanborough and surrounding areas, which already have accepted unprecedented housing and employment growth for Swindon.  Opportunistic applications for the remaining unallocated countryside should be resisted at every step.  The negative impact will be enormous.

We must stand together and fight this proposal for all we are worth.

View above Proposed Industrial Development

How to Object

Petition- Complete our online petition

Online -  SBC Planning Portal and enter application S/OUT/18/1943 or location “SN4 0AS”. You will need to register to comment.

Email and copy your councillors / MP ensure you make reference to application S/OUT/18/1943

In writing to Swindon BorougSaveh Council Planning Department Address:  SBC, Communities and Housing, Euclid Street, SN1 2JH

Use our Online form 

Copy yoour MP and Councillors

  1. Lobby your MP – Robert Buckland and Ward Councillor Gary Sumner - make your views known.
    Robert Buckland,
    South Swindon MP, 29 B Wood Street, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 4AN
    Gary Sumner, Ridgeway Ward, Swindon Borough Council, Blenheim, Wanborough, Swindon, SN4 OAW.



The following details all the parties (the Group) involved in the proposal:-


Martin Tedham is the owner of Wasdell and lives in Chiseldon. Wasdell is an expanding family business with several sites. Mr Tedham wants a location with easy access to the M4. He insists on freehold, and therefore deems Symmetry Park unsuitable. He has already significantly invested in the proposal to develop the Inlands Farm site.


Inlands farm is owned by James Hussey who farms at Uffcot. James has been looking to get a better return on his grade 3 agricultural land. He recently engaged with SBC for a solar farm on part of this site, but did not submit an application.


Turley are local land promoters. They have convinced Martin Tedham that Inlands Farm stands a good chance of gaining development. Considerable costs have already been incurred by Wasdell: Archaeological investigations have been carried out and the recent ‘open day’ at the Holiday Inn, a large number of PR and other consultants were involved. As part of the planning process the developers would need to show alternative sites have been explored.


Turley believe the loss of 600 current jobs, the potential for a further 800 jobs would outweigh all environmental and non-coalsecence policies for the area. Turley are also bullish that concerns regarding availability of Water, Sewage and Flooding issues can be mitigated. Turley also are working with Ainscough on the Lotmead development


George Paton is an Agricultural land agent. He has been actively working with landowners around Moorleaze and was active in the Redlands development.


Neil Cowley, primarily house builder based in Chiseldon is also involved. Vox PR are the PR agents employed by Wasdell to promote this proposal.


Swindon Borough Council’s view is that this site is not suitable for this development.



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Useful Documents

Design and Access Overview Statement for Inlands Farm

Phased Rollout Plans for Inlands Farm

Full Site Overview Design for Inlands Farm

Phase 1 GF Design Inlands Farm

Example Elevation Plan shows 50ft height

All 184 documents for this planning application are available via the Swindon Borough Council Planning Portal  using reference S/OUT/18/1943 or postcode SN4 0AS.

The above are a small sample of the documents that will give you a quick overview.

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Inlands Farm Proposal


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